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Every dissertation paper should have main point main idea and main point; it must convey the central message of what the dissertation is all about. It’s fine to change your ideas throughout the writing process as you will find more about the subject. Every dissertation is different but the format is the same for all. The introduction should cover the background of the particular research topic, what the topic is about and what more needs to be discovered. It must give an indication of the structure of dissertation. In literature pupil must look at the previous work in the field, the writer is likely to define the research question at the end of the literature review. The methodology will include the research methods used during the project. It will cover sampling collection of data, analysis and other details. How pupil present the result depend on the data they have collected. References include the text pupil has cited all through the dissertation writing. The appendices include the copies of questionnaire, interviews, complex diagrams and tables. Stay in touch with professors and don’t be afraid to ask them for meetings. Help from the supervisor will help you to grow more in an academic career. Also look for the previous dissertation to get inspired by other studies. The dissertation requires high-level of thinking as compared to another form of student assignment hence they may end up not doing enough justice to the research paper. Also, many students may not be able to appreciate the reason for writing a dissertation. They are also unfamiliar with the style of writing the information, not knowing where to start and lack of experiences and skills. Some students have severe issues in writing as they can’t think of enough ideas to express their thoughts. Students find the lack of motivation from their parents and teachers to do the job. Instead of taking help in such situation, they remain alone and isolated and deal with stress and depression.
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